1. Breakfast included.
2. Check-in 4pm to 9pm, check-out before 11am; guests who overstay by half an hour or more will be charged 500NTD per extra hour. Guests who need to leave baggage in the checkroom should notify the hotel in advance.
3. If a guest can’t arrive at the hotel before 6pm, the hotel should be notified, otherwise the guest can lose the reservation with no option to a refund.
4. In order to ensure a peaceful stay for all guests, no visitors, pets, heavy drinking or mahjong playing are allowed in the premises.
5. After making a reservation, guests should complete the payment within the next day and notify the hotel personnel, otherwise the reservation will be cancelled.
6. Please respect the number of guests specified in the reservation (2 people for double rooms, 4 people for 4-guest rooms). Extra guests will be limited to one per room and be expected to pay NT 800 in order to cover for the costs of the bed, breakfast, and use of the hotel facilities and disposables. Not all rooms can accommodate an extra bed, please notify the hotel in advance.
7. A reimbursment will be incurred,If there were any damage or losses in the room.
8.If you stay for two or more days, whenever the room needs to be cleaned please place the hanger sign on the doorknob so that the cleaning personnel can enter.
9.Please carry any valuables with you, the Hotel will not take responsibility for its loss.
10.Curfew: 9pm.
11.We only provide one set of toilet requisites , if more were needed or there were any other problems, please ask our cleaning staff.
12.If you check out before 8:30am, please hand back the keys to the kitchen staff.
13.Loss Access cards and non-return of keys will incur a NTD 300 replacement charge.
14.Please, don’t drink alcohol if you have health issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma or if you are pregnant, under medication, about to take a hot bath or have slept less than 6 hours. The Hotel will not take responsibility for any health repercussion incurred this way.
15.Please be careful not to slip when the floor has been recently waxed.

Definition of ‘working day’: on normal months, it refers to any day from Sunday to Thursday.
Definition of ‘holiday’: on normal months, it refers to Fridays and Saturdays.
Definition of winter and summer vacation on the working day: on normal months, it refers to any day from Sunday to Thursday.
Definition of winter and summer vacation on the holiday: on normal months, it refers to Fridays and Saturdays.
Definition of consecutive holidays: three or more consecutive official holidays (please ask our Hotel’s personnel if you have any doubts).
Definition of Chinese New Year: please refer to the government’s official definition. If you have any questions you can ask our Hotel’s personnel.


(1).Reservation call hours: 8:30am to 9pm. Outside of call hours, please use the form provided on our website's "contact us" page to leave a message.
(2).Before submitting the payment, please call the hotel to confirm the reservation.
(3).After confirming the reservation, please submit the complete payment within the next day. Please understand that if the payment is overdue the hotel might not enforce the reservation.
(4).In order to ensure the quality of the accommodation, this hotel doesn't allow visitors, nor will requests made in situ to take a tour or book a room be accepted. In order to make a reservation please contact the hotel by phone, fax or via the hotel's website.
(5).If due to a typhoon, earthquake, etc. (as announced by the local authorities) on the day of the reservation a guest couldn't check in, that guest would be entitled to a full refund or ??? to postpone the stay to a date within the following 6 months.
(6).The number of guests that check in must be in accordance with the booking, if it were to exceed the number in the reservation the hotel reserves the right to refuse accommodation. In this case, the room fees aren't refundable.
(7).Guests who book the whole building must notify the hotel at least a month in advance. After fulfilling the payment, the reservation cannot be cancelled or postponed, and the accommodation fees aren't refundable.

Extra beds

(1).Extra bed fee: NTD 800 (single latex mattress)(mattresses can't be added to every room, please call the hotel for confirmation)

Payment (after completing the payment, please call 03-9875361 and notify the hotel of the last 5 digits of the sender's account number in order to conveniently check the receipt)

(1).ATM transfer:
Bank code: 102  Account number:1003-0000-6367-8
(2).Bank wire transfer:
華泰商業銀行內湖分行  Account name:波卡拉渡假會館王新豪  Account number:1003-0000-6367-8

Cancellation policy

(1).100% of the room fee will be reimbursed to guests who cancel 3 or more days in advance of the beginning of the booked stay.
Example: for stays beginning on the 24th of October, cancellations need to be made on the 21th of October or before.
For cancellations made 1 to 2 days in advance, a refund of 50% of the accommodation fee applies.
For cancellations on the same day, or if the guest failed to notify the hotel of the cancellation, no refund is applicable.

(2).Outside the stipulated period it will not be possible to postpone or cancel the reservation once the payment has been made.
(3).For stays of 2 or more days, if the guest has to leave for some reason after checking in, a refund is not applicable.
(4).To postpone a reservation, please call to notify the hotel at least 7 days in advance (not including the date of the check-in). The stay cannot be postponed further than 6 months, and not more than once. The price of the stay will be the one corresponding to the date of check-in.